August 20, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy and cloudy

An okay day.  I woke up a bit late today, but I didn't really care. I didn't have any plans you know !

I got up, had a bit of breakfast, read the paper, watched Medium for a change of pace and then relaxed a bit.  After my British serial at 12, I took a shower, then watched the news and the second daily instalment (and last episode-sob) of the Brit serial.  Tomorrow I think they start a Taiwanese show.  No offence meant to Asian dramas, but I can't understand them so I won't be watching.  Sigh.

F came home for a little visit, to pick up his medicine.  After he left, I had lunch.  Yum.  I did the dishes up too.  I attacked the pile of stuff on my desk this afternoon.  It is by no means tidy, but half of the desk can be seen over now.  I have the other half to do soon!  I do have a place to put important papers since I brought my cabinet into the living room.  I really want to muck out my corner though.  

F came home a bit late as he visited a doctor after work.  He came home and after a little while we went out for dinner.  We went to his Taiwanese place.  I had subuta, or sweet and sour pork. It was good, but with the rice and side dishes there was too much and I knew that I shouldn't have eaten it all.  

We bought a few groceries for tomorrow night. I'm doing a bought kimchee stir-fry tomorrow night.  

We came home and had a fairly quiet evening.  I watched a bit of TV, F You-Tubed it.  I watched The Following and did a bit of crochet, nothing too special today really.

Tomorrow I haven't decided what I'll get up to yet.  If the weather is decent I might go out, or I might just stay home and clean the other half of my desk.  What a choice!  Night!

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