August 21, 2013

Wednesday - Cloudy?  I didn't go out

An okay day.

I got up late this morning and vegged for a while. I had some breakfast and even read the newspaper.  That was a good thing for a change.  I watched Martha Stewart and as always wondered why.  

In the afternoon I did something fairly radical.  I got out the financial books from my school and brought them up to date.  Yay me.  Now, F can have the books next year when he does my taxes for me.  

After F came home, I cooked dinner.  It was a nice quick one today as I had bought a prepped package from the store last night. We had kimchee beef with veggies, salad and cold kabocha soup from a packet.  It was nice.  

In the evening, I did a bit of postcrossing. I wrote out 4 postcards.  I'll scan and send them tomorrow, hopefully early on.  

F watched baseball for most of the evening. It was most annoying.  I dislike sports on TV, but baseball is my least favourite of all sports.  Well, except boxing and ultimate fighting which are other sports F loves to watch.  Grr.  

So, pretty much, that was my day.  Tomorrow I hope to go out if the weather holds up…to send off some postcards, but also to do a little business.  Wish me luck?  Got to go.  Night! 

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