August 22, 2013

Thursday - Hot and sunny - NOT humid

A good day.

I got up early for me today, but promptly fell asleep on the couch for two hours.  I missed all my Thursday morning programmes too.  Sigh.  I did get busy after that. 

I turned F down for lunch again.  I'd rather stay home and watch re-runs of The Newsroom, the show is THAT good.  After it was over, I showered, then got ready to go out.  

I biked over to the nearest Yamagata bank and deposited the last of my school's money.  I had a lot of coin and it took ages in the machine.  I got quite paranoid about the machine breaking down, so I took the last 7000 yen or so into the branch to do there!  Still, it is done.  

I came home again, and then scanned my cards that I was sending.  I was sending 5 and had received 2, so scanned them.  I also did a bunch of older cards that I had photographed rather than scanning them as the quality wasn't that good.  I uploaded the new versions and then toddled off to the post office on my bike after 5 pm.  

It was now wonderful outside.  There was a gorgeous breeze and the oppressive heat was gone too.  It was just a lovely summer afternoon.  I wish they were all like that here in Japan.  I'd love summer if they were.  

I came home again, and a bit later, F came home.  I gave him some of my overnight tea and we relaxed for a bit.  

We had dinner in Moku-Moku tonight and it was okay.  I had their cold pasta with tomato and shrimp again, F was different and had a hot pasta with salmon and shrimp.  

We came home afterwards and relaxed.  During Desperate Housewives I crocheted on the couch and F YouTubed on his computer.  It was nice that he was at least physically present though.  I had mentioned to him at dinner that we started watching Desperate Housewives together and now he doesn't watch it at all, so I felt a bit disappointed.  He reminded me of how late it is on.  True enough.  But he stays up late a lot of the time anyway.  

Anyway, it was a good day today.  I feel much better because I didn't turn on the air conditioner at all.  Yay!  I have the windows open and the fan going, but no AC.  So glad!  That's it for me.  Tomorrow I might go out, or I might continue working on cleaning out my corner.  Wish me luck!  Night!

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