August 23, 2013

Friday - Sunny, then rainy at night

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and stayed up.  I put some clothes on early on too, which was good as I got a delivery from the post office today!  I didn't have to shock the postie in my pjs! 

I had a lovely lunch of leftovers.  I watched some afternoon TV and planned to go out, but somehow I just never did. By the time I thought I should it was too late, and starting to look overcast so I stayed home.

When F came home tonight he got to work.  He's been cutting the grass around the apartment.  He was planning to work on it tomorrow too, but with the rain we're not sure that he'll be able to.  He can't do it next weekend, so I'm not sure what'll happen with that.  

When he came in, we started to talk about where to go for dinner.  He first off suggested a fish restaurant which was just not what I wanted, but in the end I decided it was okay.  Besides, he's been bringing up one of the crap restaurants that he always wants to make me go to.  It's the kind of place where the portions are huge, but the food isn't that good.  I've always found the food to be greasy and just not my kind of thing.  I told him he was welcome to go there by himself, I wasn't going with him.  

We went to the fish restaurant (I had a pork stir-fry) and then went to the Internet Cafe.  We were both able to get into the massaging chairs area and for the next 3 hours were quiet and occupied.  It wasn't too bad for me tonight as I did a bit of writing with pen and paper and finished the movie I started watching last week.  I also watched the end of the Harry Potter movie on the terrestrial channel.  Love HP! I think that for the most part, I'm going to avoid their computer as I just have problems getting it to work.  I'll watch their movies, the ones in English and then read or crochet or write so I don't have to use the horrid computers!

We came home and F went to bed almost right away.  It was raining and we had strong rain a while ago, now it's better, but probably still wet.  Well, I should get off to bed soon.  It's been a fairly good day. I don't know what we'll get up to tomorrow, hopefully it'll be fun and I'll write all about it tomorrow night! Got to go.  Night.

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