August 25, 2013

Sunday - Rainy, clear, then rainy again

A good day.  I got up late today. I went to bed really late last night, early this morning and slept for ages. 

When I was finally out of bed, F gave me some of his lovely new bread.  It was good.  After a while, we went out for lunch.  It was just Kintaro sushi, but it was nice.  Neither of us ate all that much, our lunch was incredibly cheap!

We drove down to Homac and bought a new laundry rack for our apartment.  Mine broke a couple of days ago and wasn't fixable at all.  Then we hit up Yamaya for some imported food.  We got some mint tea, some junk food, some Nutella and some cheese.  Yay for that.  We drove over to the 100 yen shop and I made a quick reconnoiter but didn't find what I was looking for.  When we arrived there I realized that Corey Hart was on the radio, singing one of my favourite songs of his, Never Surrender.  F wouldn't let me hear the end of it, but it was so cool to hear THAT song and on this day too.  

We came home and F went outside and did some more clearing of brush along our roadway. He's taken it on himself to do the work.  He was out there for a while, but a very strong rainstorm came out and he had to stop for the evening.  

We had a nice dinner at Jiro and then bought groceries for tomorrow.  F suggested Yakiniku which really surprised me as he's been a bit anti-meat again this weekend.  

We came home and F put together the rack for us.  He hit his head on a bit and it was bleeding, so I was rather surprised when I went in the room and saw blood running down his nose.  He was fine, it was just messy for a minute or two.  

We had a quiet evening.  I watched a little TV and let F watch some boxing.  F set up the bread maker for the morning for breakfast. He's off asleep now, I hope.  I'm still up, but really should have an early night too.  I have a few errands I'd like to run tomorrow. I have a bookmooch to send and a letter to my sister.  I think I'll hold off on postcrossing for a couple of days though.  Maybe!  I could only send 2 cards right now anyway.  Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on all that went down.  Night.

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