August 26, 2013

Monday - Hot and sunny

An okay day.

I got up late today. I got up so late I was shocked!  I turned off my alarms when they went off this morning, so I was really surprised when I opened my eyes and saw the time.  I got up and stayed up after that.  

I did some laundry and used our new drying rack.  It looks good, it may be a bit high though.  It's hard to balance the height levels though.  F is quite a bit taller than me, and what works for him doesn't work for me.

I was doing laundry today when F came home, one of two visits during the day.  It annoys me to no end when he comes home.  I feel like I can't get any privacy at all.  I do realize that this is his apartment too, and he has the right to come here any old time, but I want to spend some quiet time without him.  He came home the first time, had a bite to eat.  I hadn't even eaten breakfast yet, and he's munching away. Annoying.

As well as doing laundry, I also finished wrapping up my book to send and then wrote my sister a letter too.  I had to run them to the post office before 5, and I was in the washroom before I left when F made his second visit home.  Argh!  I never even saw him that time!

I made it to the post office on time, but the lady was a bit confused by my package. It took her a long time to figure out how to send it. I hope it'll be okay!  The letter was easy. I had wanted some stamps too, but it was almost closing time at the post office, so I decided to wait until next time.  

I came home and had a quiet time until F came home for good.  After a bit, I started to prep for dinner.  We were having Yakiniku, so I cut up some kabocha, then an onion and two eggplants.  We had a really nice meal, even though F was a big pain during the prep stage.  I reminded him that the breadmaker needed extra cleaning and he decided to do it right now and right there in my way.  I suggested he move and so he did.  Yay for that.  Anyway, dinner was good, but we had quite a few leftovers.  

It was a quiet evening here.  F watched boxing but did let me watch CSI and then Scandal. Thanks dear!  He went to bed after a bath and a nap on the couch.  

I wrote a few postcards this evening and watched some TV.  I did a little crochet too.  That was nice. I'm almost sure I'm going to have to buy another ball of the wool for my scarf.  Still, so far, so good!

Tomorrow, I may go out, but I'll have to scan some cards first.  I have plans for an awesome leftover yakiniku lunch first though!  Night.

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