August 29, 2013

Thursday - Hot and sunny, but cloudy too

A good day, mostly.

I managed to get up fairly early this morning.  I watched a little TV and remembered to watch my show on WOWOW.  I had a good morning. I read the paper, had some breakfast and chilled out.  I even took my shower.  

I watched a bit of Heartland today, but not a lot. I had lunch and the plan was to go out before 3 but…I started feeling really bad.  I ended up having to lie down for a while.  I finally decided to go out around 4. I needed to go to the mall and get some yarn so I can finish my scarf I'm working on.  The second frill is just eating yarn.  

I was washing my hands and getting ready to go out when the door opened and F came home bearing gifts!  He brought some ice cream, but I said not now!  He was nice enough to give me a ride to the mall.  He was going in that direction anyway.  

I hacked around the mall for a bit.  I got my yarn…last two balls of it, then checked the bargain bin in the grocery store. They had rhubarb compote on sale, I noted for later!  I went to Doutors and read the Journal and also had a rooibos tea while I was there.  F finally phoned me around 6.  He met me and we got the rhubarb compote and some other stuff in the mall, then ran a couple of errands. Then, dinner.

Tonight we went to a little Yakitori-ya and had a good meal.  We had lots of chicken and a bit of duck.  I wasn't sure if it was okay for me, but it seemed to be.  

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I did some stuff on the computer, but also took time out to watch Desperate Housewives and do some crochet.  Whew!

Tomorrow, I won't be able to update as I will be heading off to Sendai early on Saturday.  Don't miss me too much.  I'll be back sometime on Sunday, with lots of news.  Talk to you then! Night.

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