August 7, 2013

Wednesday - Cloudy but hot

A good day.

I got up this morning and took a shower.  I watched a bit of TV, read the paper, had a mini-nap and then went out for lunch with my husband.  I had a nice lunch with him.  

After lunch I came home and then I watched a little bit of TV and then headed out.  I went to my hairdresser, and luckily she was able to take me today.  I had a lovely, short cut and it was such a treat!  Halfway through my cut, I looked at myself in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself.  

When I finished at the salon, I paid and then rode off to the mall.  I was just going in the mall, when F called to say that he might be working late and would let me know when he heard.  

I went up to the hundred yen shop, got some new yarn and a few other things, then went to Doutor to have some tea and do some writing.  I was thinking about leaving when F called me again. He said that he'd be out late, and had no idea when he'd come home, it could even be as late as midnight. As I had planned to cook dinner that was a problem.  I decided to get a take-out sandwich at Doutor and something else from the grocery store.  I bought a sandwich and hit up the bakery for a couple of yummy items.  I had two things on my tray and was about to choose another one, when my phone rang again.  F didn't have to work late tonight.  ARGH!  I know, I should be happy for him, and I was, but I couldn't very well put all the things back could I?  I bought the two on my tray and then headed off home.  

I got home just before F showed up…there was five minutes between our arrivals.  I informed him that as I'd already bought my dinner, I wasn't going to cook after all.  So sad!  

I ate my food, F ate something, and we had a fine evening.  It was quiet, and he took a nap along the way, but no worries.  I did some crochet at 11 while I watched Grey's Anatomy again.  I have been enjoying it more this year.  I think some of the characters needed culling.  I have one more round of my doily to do…it is a picot row, and I'm not a huge fan of picot, but that's life.

F went to bed and of course I am still up.  I just turned on my iTunes (it magically started working again…woot!) with some ambient sounds to try to make me feel sleepy.  

So, that was my day.  It turned out quite well really.  I've been enjoying the feeling of having short hair again.  Tomorrow I have a few little things I'd like to get done, come back and see if they get done or not!  Night.

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