August 8, 2013

Thursday - Cloudy, muggy and humid

An okay day.

I got up this morning, watched a bit of TV and then at 11:30 kicked myself because I'd forgotten it was Thursday and missed watching my British comedy.  Darn. 

I wrote a couple of postcards for Postcrossing and even got my scanning done early so I could run them to the post office.  I needed to get a proper stamp for sending a card within Japan.  While I was there, I bought a couple of sets of stamps.  They had some lovely ones available today.  They had some for letter writing week which were cute.  I got some of them, and also some ukiyo-e stamps.  

I next went to the bank machine and checked my account. I wanted to see if there had been any payments go out.  There were no changes yet, so that was good. 

Then I went to Kappa Sushi for a late, late lunch.  I didn't have a lot of food, but I did have quite a bit.  It was decent as I ordered it from the back.  I left and came home.  I was home before 5, in plenty of time to watch Phineas and Ferb.  (My guilty pleasure!  Where's Perry???)

At 6:39 F called me to say he'd be home soon.  Sigh.  He thought he might be late today too…not that late.  When he arrived home, he said he was starving, so I cooked.  I microwaved the spaghetti squash, and sauteed the chicken, I set the table too.  And when everything was ready, I announced I wasn't hungry and went to bed.  I didn't want to eat. 

I didn't really sleep, but I wasn't fully awake either.  I heard F cooking something for himself, he ate and then washed the dishes.  I came back just before 9 and put a lot of the food away.  Of course he'd just left it all on the table.  Sigh.  I had one piece of chicken earlier and that was it.  Not really hungry.  I think it's the heat.

I watched a bit of TV tonight, House, Bones, Desperate Housewives and did a bit of crochet during the latter.  I'm not quite finished the final round…if I say the word "picot" to you, you might understand why!  Still, this pattern's picot aren't too bad and it is about halfway done.  

F had gone to bed around 11, taking a fan to bed with him. I am greatly impressed as he's always been worried about "Fan Death" and other bizarre things, but last night I woke up and the fan was going in our room.  Yay.  I didn't put it there!

Okay, that's enough.  I had a goodish day.  Tomorrow, I'm not really sure what I'll get up to.  I should do a bit of laundry, maybe go out if the weather holds, or just melt into a pile of goo next to my computer!  That's it for me.  Night.

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