Postcrossing - Incoming to August 10th

To August 10th, 2013

I have a nice batch of cards again.  I've been receiving a lot of cards, as I sent a lot of cards lately. I was trying to outdo my own record for a month and did!  That is why I have been receiving a lot of cards in the last couple of months.

Click on the pictures to see them slightly bigger.  And now, let's get down to business!

Kate sent this card from the Ukraine.  She describes her city as a tourist city with many monuments, famous buildings and green parks.  She likes reading books, listening to music and watching movies.  She likes Anime, documentaries and films with Johnny Depp.
Picturesque Bukovyna.
Myhovo Village. "Myhovo" Resort.

I was very pleased to receive this card.  First of all, it is a cool card, and second of all, it comes from a new to my list country, Bosnia and Herzegovina!  My first card from there.

Sonya writes that she is 34 and writes about the card saying, the postcard shows a night winter view of her city.
Banjaluka with Love

Jason sent this yummy card from Britain.  He writes that he is married to another Helen and they have two beautiful children.  
He says that he is a huge fan of Canada, especially Quebec.  

He notes that he is trying to learn Japanese, but it is very difficult. (Tell me about it!)

The next card is from Taiwan.  ZhenHe writes that they live in the central city in Taiwan.  They say that it is very hot there too.  Sometimes the temperature goes up to 40 degrees Celsius.  Wow!

Simon the Penguin sent this card from Germany.  He writes that the account was made by his Godfairy family.  He wishes me all the best!
Lavender of Provence, France

There you are.  Five wonderful Postcrossing cards from Asia and Europe.  Which one do you like best?  I love the Fish and Chips one because I miss fish and chips a lot, but I also really like the Lavender one.  

Until next time, I'll be wondering what will be in my mailbox tomorrow!


Kelly said...

It's got to be the fish n' chips postcard! One of my favourite meals. :) Thanks for another interesting post.

Helen said...

Thanks for commenting!

I like fish and chips too...miss them!