Postcrossing - Incoming to July 29, 2013

To July 29, 2013

I have an exciting and cool bunch of cards for you today.  There are also a lot of great stamps, so have a look at these beauties and tell me what you think of these great cards.

My first card comes from Romania and is a beauty.  It is a little bigger than a usual card, and is from a series about tarot cards.

Hanna sent the card and says that she's interested in history and art.  She likes to spend time with her dog and watch movies  from her favourite film-makers like Kierlowski and Bergmann.  She also likes fantasy drawings.  She mentions the film Barfly with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway as a movie she loves because of Charles Bukowski's poems.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen the film yet.
Stephanie Law - Page of Wands
There were a couple of great stamps on the card as well.  The pepper one is really lovely.  Thank you Hanna!

Rosi sent the next card from Germany.  She thinks it is amusing that this card is coming to me, a Canadian, and her second card is going to Canada.  She lives in the middle of us!

Chapel on Lake Hegratsried Im Allgau

Henna from Finland sent this beautiful yarn related card to me.  She is planning to become a textile artisan.  She wishes me a happy summer.

She put a very summery stamp on her postcard too.  It is also quite large!

Cindy sent this great James Dean card from The Netherlands.  She told me that she saved it for someone who would appreciate it. I do, very much! She says that she likes to watch scary movies with her nephew.  

She closes with her best wishes.  

James Dean 1955
There were some lovely stamps on Cindy's card too.  Thank you!

Layla sent this Cambodian card from China and tells me that she had just watched Hitchcock's Rebecca.  She says that the concept was fascinating, but the movie wasn't that great.  She doesn't think that Joan Fontaine was a good actress, just beautiful.  It is so nice to have someone actually discuss a movie with me!

Thanks Layla!

There you have it.  Five great cards from all over.  I'd love to hear which one is your favourite.  Which stamps do you like?

Until next time!

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