September 1, 2013

Sunday - Hot and sunny, bit of rain in the afternoon

A mostly nice day.

I went to bed late last night, but not as late as usual. I got up this morning, F and I had breakfast and met up with our friend and her son.  We agreed to load the car, then F and I would go shopping and they would join us later.

F and I drove over to the Aer Building and parked.  Then we did a bit of shopping.  I got a lot of postcards and many Christmas cards.  Woot.  Yes, it's early, but they were inexpensive and gorgeous, so a good purchase I think.  

I bought a book and a magazine in the bookshop and then we met up with my friend.  Her little boy was sleeping, so we decided to go for lunch.  We had a lovely meal in the Parco Building, then grabbed a Starbucks drink and went out to the car.  We drove out of Sendai and hit the highway.  

It was a long trip, but we took a couple of breaks and made good time.  We were back in Tsuruoka around 4pm.  My friend and her son went on their way, F and I unloaded our stuff from the car.

I spent some time catching up on email and the internet, then napped.  I got up much later and although F asked if I wanted to have dinner, he insisted that I pick where to go. I ignored him and an hour and a half later decided I'd take myself out.  He offered to drive, which he did.  He dumped me off at Gusto and said he'd be back to pick me up.  

I had dinner and I was angry because I didn't bring a book.  I had thought he'd be with me so I didn't bother.  I finished and he was waiting outside to pick me up.  I very nearly walked home, but I had a sore foot.

We mostly ignored each other for the rest of the night.  He's gone to bed, I'm still up.  He's off work tomorrow, so I hope we can have some kind of thaw happening.  

That's it for me.  I'll be back tomorrow with another scintillating update from me.  Night!

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