September 22, 2013

Sunday - Sunny and warm…nice day

Quite a good day.

I got up around 11 today.  It wasn't really late, and it wasn't really early! It was earlier than usual though.  I showered and a little later, F and I went out for lunch.  We went to Grado and had a lovely meal there.  F had fish with a tomato rosemary sauce and I had chicken with a butter-shio mushroom sauce that was very good!  At lunch, F asked about going fishing.  We haven't gone for ages and it wasn't too hot or sunny for me today.

We got ready to go out and then headed over to the port.  Unfortunately, it was busy, so we kept driving!  We drove down the coast and then finally stopped at Yura.  We parked and walked along the wharf. It was busy, but finally found a place at the end. We threw our lines in, and for the next couple of hours fed the fish!  There were many little fish in the water.  

Around 5 it got cold so we decided to go.  We packed up.  F had caught one little fish, which he gave to another family.  We drove off to Mikawa Mall.  

At the mall, we had dinner in a Japanese restaurant. It was actually quite good.  I had a mushroom noodle dish and I enjoyed it a lot.  F had fish and noodles, so he was quite happy.  We walked the mall after and even looked at a Roomba on display in Jusco!  I probably won't get one soon.  I'd love one though.  

After a visit to Mr Donut, we walked back to the theatre and went to see Elysium.  It was okay.  I like Matt Damon a lot, and I quite like Alice Braga since Predators, so I enjoyed their characters.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who likes cerebral, non-violent movies.  

When the movie finished we drove home and have spent the evening together and have gotten on famously. F has been watching some of my TV, which is nice for a change.  I did a bit of crochet during Lost, so I have now gone past the bit that I had done before I frogged everything.  Yay for that!

I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow, but be assured, I'll let you know when I can.  Got to go.  Night!

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