September 25, 2013

Wednesday - Cloudy and a bit humid

Had a pretty good day today. I got up a bit late, because I went to bed very late last night.  There was a British Detective show on and it was too good to go to bed on!

I watched my shows, fell asleep on Martha Stewart (oh well) and then woke up.  I had a nice lunch and watched, or tried to watch Vertigo.  I've never seen it and I've always meant to watch it.  During the movie, I changed the station to catch 20 minutes of  another programme and then F called me during the movie to say he was coming home.  I think I need to see it alllllllll the way through again.  

F did come home, but left soon after to go to the doctor's office.  While he was gone, I vacuumed the apartment.  Yay me.

When he came back, I watched more TV and then joined him on the bed for a snuggle and commiseration that he wasn't doing too well.  We discussed dinner too.  We decided on Cafe Framboise as we haven't been there in a bit.

We changed and drove over there.  We were the only customers tonight!  We had a nice meal.  F had the Japanese set meal and I had chicken with cheese on it.  Mine was really good.  I swapped part of my chicken for part of his beef as he shouldn't have that much beef.  

We bought groceries tonight.  We're going to have nabe tomorrow night.  Duck nabe…yum!

F went to bed quite early tonight. I think his new medicine made him tired.  I took a shower, which is unusual for me.  I almost forgot, I also cleaned out the freezer.  I threw out a bunch of food that we bought more than a year ago and never got around to eating.  It means that there is a lot more room in there.  I hope when I come back from Canada that I will be able to get more food to put in it!  

After all of that, I had some good hookey/chesterfield time during Grey's Anatomy. I also finally finished my doily.  I hadn't darned in the ends until tonight, but it is really done now.  I should press it, but I'm not sure if I will or not.  

So that was my day pretty much…It was okay.  Tomorrow is the fire alarm inspection day and I have decided that I will NOT be here for it.  I am planning to get up and leave the apartment in the morning, possibly when F leaves for work.  I'm not sure if I can get up then, but I hope I can!  Got to go.  Night!

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