September 27, 2013

Friday - Sunny but cool

A pretty good, productive day.

I got up this morning at a goodly time, but I was still tired.  I ended up sleeping rather a lot on the couch and then finally the bed.  

In the afternoon I spoke strictly to myself and got up.  I started packing my suitcase and backpack for the trip.  I'm not completely finished, but I am close.  Whew!

I had a late lunch and scanned some cards, which should magically appear on my postcrossing blog in a few days.  The scanning is something that is easier done when my husband isn't around.  His spot on the couch is the best place to sit when doing the scanning, so I wanted it done before he came home.  

After F came home I watched Project Runway and then started dinner.  Tonight we had Salmon Meuniere, basil pasta and salad and it was darn nice!  I had to stretch the salmon coating, so I added a few things from my kitchen shelf and it was yummy.  F was quite impressed with me I think.  

He did the dishes and I got stuck back into my movie column.  I got most of it done, apart from the ending.  Tomorrow I hope to have a bit of time to re-read it and then write my closing.  It's a bit of a departure as this time I'm asking other club members for their input.  It's quite interesting.  

In the evening, we tried to watch a few movies on WOWOW.  First up was Haywire, but although the action scenes looked cool, the movie didn't hold my attention.  Next up was the Canadian Take This Waltz which held more of my attention, but I really would like to see it again when I'm not distracted.  There were some scenes in it that were surprising to put it mildly.  We finished up with the end of Pride and Prejudice on NHK.  It was the Keira Knightley one, and I really do need to re-watch the whole thing again. It's been too long. And that's it. I turned off the TV.  

F went to bed a little while ago and I'm going to try to go soon too.  I've had a good night.  I found out that a friend of mine, that I haven't seen in years because of bad timing, will be able to come up to Edmonton to see me.  Hurray for that!

I'm now blogging before bed and listening to Right Said Fred.  I love the cd of theirs that I have…Up.  It is just pure fun to listen to.  Anyway, tomorrow I have an appointment with the chiropractor and I'll probably go to the doctor as well.  I have to do a little more shopping and a little more packing.  I sure hope I manage to fit everything in!  That's it from me.  Night!

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