September 28, 2013

Saturday - Warm and sunny, cool at night

A good, productive day.

I got up this morning in time to say goodbye to F who was going to his mother's house to do some repairs.  While he was gone, I showered and got dressed.

When F returned, we headed out for lunch.  We went to Sukase and had a nice meal. I had pasta with mushrooms and bacon in a cream sauce…yum, and F had noodles and sushi.  He liked his, I loved mine.  

We went to the chiropractor afterwards and I had another treatment.  Today I asked him NOT to touch my foot.  Last time he was working on my legs and inadvertently re-injured the torn ligaments that were almost healed.  Sigh.  Anyway, he didn't touch my foot and I was glad.  The treatment didn't hurt nearly as much this time and I feel quite good.  My nose got terribly plugged up though and then my throat got dry because I had to breathe through my mouth.  Complaints, complaints!

We tried to go to the GP that I usually go to, to get a check up before I leave, but his office wasn't open in the afternoon.  Oops!  Instead, we went to a hundred yen shop and a drugstore.  I did a little shopping and then we came home for a while.  F had a nap, and I did a few things that needed done!  I finally photographed my doily for my niece and posted the pictures in a couple of places.  I booked a hotel for a night during my trip.  My BFF and I are going to have a "Ladies Night Out" so hopefully I picked a good one.  

After F woke up, we went out for dinner.  Tonight he suggested going to an izakaya.  We went to Yoro-no-taki and miraculously, no one around us was smoking.  Can you say hallelujah? 

We had a great meal, full of lots of different little things.  My favourite was the grilled eggplant and the yakitori, F's was the deep fried aji.  We came home again and have spent a good evening watching some telly.  F watched part of a French movie, I watched Body of Proof and Project Runway.  It was good tonight.  We tried to watch the new show Under the Dome, but there was a lot of interference, so somewhere in Japan there must be bad weather.  

So, that was my day.  I'm nearly finished packing.  I have to clean out my purse, but I already took out my Swiss Army Card, so I don't have to lose it when I go through security.  I always worry about that.  

I aim to go to bed early tomorrow night, so I probably won't blog tomorrow.  If I'm able you'll hear from me from time to time during my trip.  Hasta la vista, baby!

Rising Sun Doily

Rising Sun Doily Detail


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Very nice doily! I liked the rainbow one you made recently, but this one looks nice and classic.

Helen said...

Thank you! You probably noticed that they are the same pattern, but the thread colour really does make a difference.

It's going to be a present for someone, if I get around to sending it!!!

Thanks for visiting :-)