October 1, 2013

Tuesday - Chilly and grey

I'm in Canada!  Yay for that.  I have jet lag and I am supposed to be taking a nap, and will in fact have one when I finish here.

The trip over was fine.  The only problem was that I couldn't sleep well the night before I left and so I was very tired for the trip. I fell asleep on a couple of movies...I followed them a bit, but dozed off in the middle.  Still, in all honesty, the travel was good.  My plane landed in Vancouver slightly ahead of schedule.  I got through Customs and Immigration without trouble, I declared the teas I brought over and had no problems with them.

When I got into Edmonton, I got my suitcase and went outside in case I could see my sister.  I just got to a waiting area when I saw what I thought was her vehicle in the distance...and it was!  She was happy because she didn't have to pay for parking, I was happy because I didn't have to freeze!

I slept for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday, then got up later, slept most of the night and then was up this morning at 5.  Poor Zach was sick overnight so he's off school.  I helped Van by cleaning out the fridge today, I put all the stuff in the cooler boxes for her.

No idea what I'll get up to tonight or even tomorrow. It doesn't matter really.  I'm just happy to spend time with my sister's family.  Until next time....Naptime!

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