October 10, 2013

Thursday - Sunny and warmish

A good day.

I woke up this morning a couple of hours after kicking the covers off myself. I was cold, but that wasn't why I woke up.  I had been having a cool dream where I was in the same restaurant or bar as Michael Caine. He was at the next table with some other actors, and waved hello to me and introduced me to his friends.  I was so thrilled that he knew who I was that I just woke up!

I had a nice quiet morning at home. I had breakfast and tea, then went out to Edmonton with Van.  We went to a craft store, an electric shop and a grocery store.  We came back to Beaumont afterwards and had lunch.  Van left to pick up Zach and I did more scanning of photos.

I scanned a lot of photos today, I did 40 pictures today, which was rather good.  I scanned some interesting ones today, my grandparent's grave, my mother before she came to Canada, my sister and I as children...it was all cool.

After 40 pictures I was tired, so put everything away for today.  I had dinner with everyone upstairs.  We had macaroni and cheese, plus crackers and garlic sausage and cheese.  It was nice.  I also did some laundry tonight, and helped Zach a bit with his homework.  That was fun!

I came up with the idea tonight that I might take Katie to the Art Gallery in Edmonton on Saturday.  Neither of us have been and it would be something a little different to all of the shopping I've done already.  If she can get her homework done, then we'll be able to go.  We might go to a movie too, if there's a suitable one, and if we have time.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with a friend from college in Southgate and we'll do some shopping and lunching.  I haven't seen her since my wedding, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Come back tomorrow and see how I got on!  Night.

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