October 11, 2013

Friday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I got up this morning and had my breakfast. I'm finally starting to sleep in a bit.  It's sad as I'll be going home next week.

I helped Katie with her banner for Cheerleading.  I got glitter all over my new PJ's.  That didn't exactly make me happy! I hope it'll wash off.

After Van came back from work, she drove me into the city and I went to Southgate mall.  I did a little banking first and then headed over to my meet-up place.  I didn't see Loreen, but luckily she saw me!  We chatted for a few minutes and her husband left us to do some shopping elsewhere.  Loreen and I had lunch at State and Main.  It was okay.  We had a very chatty waiter, which was a bit annoying as we wanted to chat to each other!  We haven't seen each other since I got married, but had kept in touch at Christmas and when I visited Canada.  I had Fish Tacos.  It was the first time I had had them, they were good, but the fish didn't really have much taste.  Loreen had a chicken Caesar salad.

We did a little shopping through the mall.  We didn't buy a whole lot, but it was fun to be with another woman looking for stuff.  She bought perfume, I looked for a suitcase and something for my husband.  I didn't buy either.  We both got some tea and I got a calendar for myself.  Loreen's husband called us after 5 and we met up and went for dinner.

We had a lovely dinner at Tony Roma's.  I haven't been there in ages.  I had ribs and didn't finish them. Loreen had another rib dish and her husband had chicken.  We left the restaurant and they drove me to Beaumont.  We weren't entirely sure of the way to Beaumont, so we went via Nisku.  We made it and we had to say goodbye.

I got home and Joe and Zach were home.  Joe had installed the new dishwasher for Van.  We watched a little TV and when Van and Kate got home watched a movie.  We saw The Amazing Spiderman.  It was a repeat viewing for all of us, but it was fun.  After the movie, I came downstairs and as I am yawning up a storm, I'm sure I'll be sleeping soon.

That's it for me now...come back tomorrow to see how my day goes.   Got to go.  Night!

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