October 12, 2013

Saturday - Cool and a little windy

A good day today.

We all were able to get up late today. It made a nice change for everyone.

After breakfast, Van and Zach drove Kate and I into the city.  I bought a new suitcase and then they took charge of it.  Kate and I had a Subway lunch and then headed off to the LRT station.  We boarded a train for downtown.

We got off at Churchill Station and found the entrance to the Art Gallery of Alberta.  We paid and went in.  We had a great time in the Gallery.  There were some photographs of up north,  an exhibit of watercolours from the V&A, and a spooky exhibit called something like "The Lady Spider".  That was really cool and kind of scary!

After we finished looking at the galleries, we went to the gift store and then over to the mall.  We found the movie theatre and found that if we went in right away, we could see Runner, Runner.  We did!  It was quite a good movie actually.  It had Ben Affleck, Gemma Atherton and Justin Timberlake.

When the movie finished, we headed back to Edmonton Centre and looked at the bookstore. I bought Katie a new book and then we started to head home.  Kate called her mum to let her know we were on the way, and we caught a train back to Century Park.  We were just pulling into the station when Van called to see where we were.

We drove back to Beaumont and Van & Joe made dinner.  We had home made healthy chicken nuggets and French fries.  It was really nice.

After dinner, we watched a movie, Men in Black 3.  I fell asleep a few times, but rallied near the end and stayed awake.  After the movie, we all were tired and headed off to our beds.  I'll be in bed in just a few minutes!  Good night!

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