October 13, 2013

Sunday - Cool but sunny

We had a nice and relaxed day today.  We got up late, had a late breakfast while Joe worried about our lunch!  He did most of the cooking today.

I helped Zach with homework in the afternoon.  After that, he had to leave to go to the rink.  Van, Kate and I left a little later.  We went to the game and it was fun!  Zach played well, but sadly his team didn't win.  They lost 3-2, but it was close at least.

Van drove me to the bank for a few minutes and then we came home again.  I relaxed for a while, and then went up for dinner.  It was great!  We had roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, and roasted yams.  Joe is a good cook!

After dinner I helped Zach with his homework again.  He wouldn't do it, so his dad took over.

I came downstairs and packed part of my suitcase, then went upstairs again.  The family watched a movie and it was Total Recall.  It really was a lot more fun than the remake that came out this year!

I came downstairs and have been blogging or emailing ever since.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Canada.  I may be here for most of the day, or not.  I'm not sure.  I'm not sure if I'll update tomorrow night or not. It's quite important that I get a good night's sleep before my trip home.  

I'll either blog quickly tomorrow night, or when I get back to Japan! Wish me luck! Night.

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