October 20, 2013

Sunday - Rainy and cold

An okay day.  I woke up and got up early today…damn jet lag!  I arranged breakfast for F and I, from the stuff that we bought last night.

We vegged at home for a long time, and then went out for lunch.  We went to Komagi for the buffet, then did a little driving.  F wanted to take us to Atsumi to look at fish in the river, but we decided to go to the Chido Museum instead.  I think it was a wise decision.  I didn't want to look at fish and it was really wet out today.  

After the museum, we went to S-mall for a drink at Doutors and then a short and fruitless hack through the 100 yen shop.  After that, we just came home for a while.  

At home, I downloaded some of my photos from Canada, but it took a while to get everything ready.  I also uploaded one of the photos to the Kirriemuir group. It's a group picture from my dancing school.  

We had dinner in Gusto. I had another Canadian burger, F had a noodle dish, and true to form he didn't like it.  We bought a few groceries and came home.  

That's what I did today basically.  I will add in a few photos from yesterday, it's funny how the weather changed. Yesterday was lovely, today was cold and rainy.  

That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Wow, those buddhas are really unique. You have a flair for photography. Your pictures are great!

Helen said...

Oh, thank you! They were quite wonderful, the buddhas. I didn't manage to find all of them, but it was an enjoyable trip to the coast!