October 23, 2013

Wednesday - Sunny

An interesting day!

I got up this morning after F left for work and stayed up.  I had a shower, read the paper, ate breakfast, the same old thing.  Around noon I decided to do something different.  For weeks, ever since I closed my school, I have thought about setting up my photocopier near my computer so that I can scan cards without moving my computer over to F's seat.  It took a while to do as I had to clear a walkway and clean the shelf, but finally I got everything set up.  I had to download some software too, but eventually I got everything to work. Yay me!

I had a quiet afternoon. I had lunch today, leftover cauliflower and cheese, plus chicken.  Yum.  I never did get around to going out.

I spent a lot of time writing emails today.  There is a bit of a situation with a project for next year.  I hope that everything will work out well.  I just hope that I didn't put my foot in it too much.

When F came home he wasn't feeling well again.  Sigh.  We chatted today and talked a bit.  I prepared supper, which wasn't too difficult.  We had hash browns which I did in the toaster oven, and chorizo and cheese sausages.  We also had some of the leftover cauliflower plus strawberry and rhubarb tea.  It was nice.

F took a nap after dinner and got up a few hours later.  He seemed a little bit livelier.  He's not having good days lately.  Poor thing.  

That's about it for my day.  I hope to be able to get out of the apartment tomorrow.  I'd like to run a few errands and see what is going on out in the world!  I have to go.  Night!

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