October 24, 2013

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy

An okay day.

I had a mostly good day today.  I got up quite early and stayed up, again!  I am not enjoying this too much.

I had a quiet morning.  I had breakfast, checked email etc.  I watched some TV but nothing too special.  Some of it was the Project Runway repeat. 

I wrote 5 postcards today and prepared them for sending out.  It was so much easier since I didn't have to move my computer.  Some of the cards I sent today were really lovely, so I hope they arrive quickly and in good condition.

In the afternoon while I was eating my late lunch, I watched The Muppet Movie from a couple of years ago.  I loved it.  What a great blast from the past!  In all honesty I enjoyed it more than many of the movies I've seen lately.

F came home around his usual time and we relaxed and chatted for a while.  We went to Moku-Moku for dinner and then we came home and I made mini-quiche for us.  We didn't eat any of them tonight, they are for tomorrow morning.  I think they'll be nice, at least I hope so!

We had a quiet evening, we barely even watched TV!  I turned it on at 11:15 to watch Once Upon a Time and then turned it off when it was over.  I started a new craft project for Van today.  I'm doing a test run of the pattern.

And that is about that.  I really can't write too much more as I'm so tired I can't stay awake any longer!  I have to go.  Night!

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