October 25, 2013

Friday - Rainy

A good day.  I woke up when F got up this morning, but was able to fall asleep again and slept until 8:45 or so.  Yay for me.  

I got up and had a quiet morning.  I watched some TV, made the bed, got dressed, that kind of thing.  I had breakfast today, which was lovely.  I had a couple of reheated mini-quiche and a hash brown patty.  It was lovely for a change. I also watched The Beaver, the Jodie Foster/Mel Gibson movie.  It was very different than I thought it would be.  Dark, dark, dark.  But, with Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence.

Later on I took a shower and then started on my apple crumble.  I was creaming the butter and sugar together when F came home.  He was in a horrid mood, didn't want to talk to me, but did want to go out. We'd sort of planned to go to a nice place tonight, but he didn't really tell me that he still wanted to go.  I reasoned that it must be the bad weather that was bothering him, but he didn't show any interest in my day at all.  

After a bit of a mini fight, I put the uncooked crumble in the fridge, did the dishes, changed and then went out with him.  We parked and then went into the new premises of Bistro Des Pointes "Bis".  We had a nice few plates of food.  Some of it was expensive, but it was all very good.  F had some wine and proceeded to get very happy!  It was a nice change. I had a good time with my husband but all too soon it was time for us to leave.  We came home by Daiko, the "we'll drive your car for you" service and had a quiet evening at home.  

I've watched a bit of TV tonight, starting with Shameless.  I have to get to sleep soon though because I am finding it so hard to stay awake!  I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow…come back and find out.  That's it for me.  Night!

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