October 6, 2013

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A lovely day!

Yesterday my friend met up with me in Beaumont and we drove into the city.  We ran a few errands, had lunch and then did a lot of shopping.  We checked into our hotel and relaxed for a while.

After a while we headed over to the movie theatre and went to see The Butler. To be honest, I was disappointed by the film. It felt like the greatest hits of a person's life and I never connected to the character.  In a way, it felt very Remains of the Day-ish.  Of course both films were about butlers, but different countries and stories.

We were both very tired by the time we got back to the hotel, so went to sleep fairly quickly.

This morning we got up before 9 am and went to the pool.  We didn't really "swim" but we floated and gabbed, basically having a great time.  After an hour or so, we went back to our room, finished packing up and then checked out.  We had brunch in the hotel's restaurant and it was great.  I had salad, crab, sausages, you name it.  I even ended up with bread pudding.  Very yum.

After lunch we did more shopping and it went very well.  My friend did very well and to be honest, so did I!  I got some lovely clothes.

We finally had to call it a day and she brought me back to my sister's house.  We hugged and said our farewells.

Van and family came home soon and a little later they called me and asked me if I'd like to have dinner with them at the dim sum restaurant they go to.  I of course said yes, and we drove to the city to have dinner.  It was great and it was nice to have dim sum again.

We had a quiet evening at home.  I called a couple of friends to make plans to meet up.  Hopefully one of them is going to be able to meet up on Tuesday, another may be able later on in the week.

And that was my weekend. It really was wonderful.  It was relaxing and fun, and very much an enriching expense for both of us.  Tomorrow, I don't really have plans, but I'll let you know what I got up to. Talk to you later.  Night.

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