November 12, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy and snowy, snow didn't stay

An okay day.

I got up as soon as F left this morning. He'd made such a lot of noise that he'd even noticed.  He shut the bedroom door halfway through, but opened it again and made more noise.  The man does not do quiet!  

I got up, turned on the heat and my computer and stayed up for a bit, but decided I needed more sleep and got it.  I'm not saying when I got up again, but it wasn't early!

I had a quick shower, then came back to the living room and Jamie Oliver.  I didn't eat for a while and then I realized that I had a hankering for something. Pancakes.  So, I made myself some.  I had to look up a recipe on-line, but I had all the ingredients and made a half bowl of batter. I cooked my pancakes and also used up some of my past-the-date gyoza wrappers.  I put some bacon and some cheese inside the wrappers, sealed them and then fried them.  Yum.  

I did the dishes, and also washed the nabe pan for later.  I spent a bit of time on my computer sending email and reading blogs.  

F wasn't too late tonight but was tired when he came home.  He was all set to cook dinner right away, but I checked to see if he was hungry.  He wasn't.  I advised him to wait a bit and I cleared off the table and made things ready for him.  

When he was more relaxed he put everything together and then we had our nabe.  It was quite good. He'd put garlic in it, and I added sriracha to mine.  I did have a few of the dreaded oysters and I haven't died yet, so I'm probably good.  I didn't think they tasted like much of anything.

After dinner and dishes (which I quite happily did by the way) we went out to the drugstore and then the gas station.  I tried to get F to let me off at the drugstore while he get the gas, but he wouldn't.  Sigh.  I honestly don't know why I'm not allowed to go shopping by myself.  It must be my long history as a shoplifter/axe murderer/stupid foreigner about town that means I can't go out alone.  

Anyway, he did pay for the shopping I did, so that was nice, but really unnecessary.  We left the store and then bought gas for the car.  

At home again, I asked him to help me order some presents for my family from the Nissen catalogue and he very nicely did.  He has the account, even though I do the shopping!  I hope my family and BFF will like the things I ordered.  I have to get on sending things home soon.  

F made up some bread again for the morning, I did some crochet during the Jean Reno drama on WOWOW.  That was relaxing.  I really need to do more. Speaking of crafting, my knitting is just finishing up the first ball of yarn-net, so I'll be figuring out how to join the new one on soon.  The scarf is looking cute so far.

And that is probably all that I have to write about for tonight.  Tomorrow it depends on the weather if I'll go out or not.  I hope that I can, I'm feeling quite house-bound!  That's it for me. Night.

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