November 18, 2013

Monday - Rainy and cool

A good day. I got up this morning, took a shower and had a quick breakfast.  I got dressed and then did a little bit of printing on my computer.  When I looked out the window, my friend was here.  Yikes!

I finished up quickly, went out and then we drove over to Grado and had lunch.  I had salmon meuniere and it was very nice.  After that, we headed over to S-Mall and met up with the lady from the hotel.  We had a long meeting and worked out a few things, got a bit more information and generally had a good meeting.  

Afterwards, my friend and I had a cup of tea and decompressed.  We discussed a few things about life in Japan and how to deal with things.  Sadly, it was time to leave all too soon.  She drove me home and then drove off.  

I came in the apartment and relaxed a bit. I registered a card I received and then spent a bit of time on my computer.  F called me at his usual finishing time, but said that he'd go over to his mother's house for a while to do a chore she's been asking him to do for a while.  While he did that, I got ready for dinner.  I cleared and set the table, started some water on the stove heating up and generally just did my pre-prep.  

When F came home, around 8, I kicked dinner into higher gear.  We had pasta with sauteed chicken, plus salad.  F had mentaiko sauce, I had basil.  It was really nice.  I knew that F's back was really bad tonight so I volunteered to do the dishes while he relaxed.  There weren't that many anyway.  

The rest of the evening we spent relaxing.  I did a little knitting and crochet at 11 while I was watching Scandal.  Oh, correction, I didn't actually crochet, I darned in some ends.  I did a bit of the scarf knitting though. I got some sparkly buttons the other day at the hundred yen shop, I hope that they will be strong enough for my shrug.  They are very pretty!  I have to do my edging soon though. 

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll get up to.  I should do some laundry as I'm way behind, and I should do some Christmas wrapping and such.  Wish me luck with all the things I have to do.  Got to go.  Night!

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