November 2, 2013

Saturday - sunny and warm

A mostly good day.

I got up this morning and watched Nigella.  I like the way she talks!  I like her food too, it's lovely to see someone use butter when cooking! F came home and we had some bread that F had made.  We decided to go out for lunch and then the problem happened.  F couldn't find his wallet.  He looked all over.  All over.  I even got him to call the doctor's office to see if he'd left it there. He hadn't.  Finally, he found it in a bag.  Honestly he is so forgetful it isn't funny.

We had a good lunch at the Grado-affiliate that does yakiniku.  I had bibinba with kimchee.  It was nice but just a shade too spicy for me.  

After lunch we went for a drive along the ocean.  F and I ended up having a walk along the shore and picking up a lot of seashells.  It was rather nice to be honest.

When we left the beach we set off for home.  However, we stopped at the Tai-yaki shop and grabbed a couple of fish each, then came home for a few minutes.  I threw a few things in a bag and then we left for the Internet Cafe.  We had a few hours in a massaging chair each.  I really enjoyed it today. I had taken my knitting today and I got a lot done.  I'm more than two-thirds done my scarf I think. At 8:00pm we left and went to have dinner.  

We had yakiniku and it was good.  Before we could get in the place though, we had to kill half an hour so we went to a hundred yen shop, not the usual one I go to, and hacked around a bit.  I bought myself some more wool, it's a version of the one that I'm making my scarf with.  I thought I might make a couple of scarves for people with the yarn. I think it'll be cute!

We came home after dinner and I watched some TV.  My usual Saturday night stuff, but quite enjoyable really.  I'm watching Project Runway All-Stars but without Heidi and Tim Gunn it just isn't as good.  

Anyway, that's it for me.  I still have a bit of the cold, my nose won't stop plugging up now.  Sometimes I can hardly breathe.  It's quite annoying.  I have no idea what we'll end up doing tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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