November 20, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy

An okay day.

I had a pretty good day today.  I got up early again, stayed up, but did try to nap a tad on the couch.  

I had a little bit of a relaxing morning, then in the afternoon I started making the stew.  I started earlier than I planned to, which was a good thing as it took most of the afternoon!  Just peeling all the veggies took a while.  I got it done and cooking away on the stove.  It smelt good!  

When F came home I made up some dumpling batter and then put the dumplings on the top of the stew.  15 minutes later, we were ready to eat.  It was good!  And, yes, we do have leftovers for tomorrow, so I will either serve it tomorrow with pasta or couscous and maybe a salad if I can get F to get us one before he comes home!  We didn't eat our dessert today as F wasn't feeling well.  I didn't think he'd be able to eat as much as he did.

F went to bed for a while, so I watched telly and wrote 3 postcards up.  I'll have to try to get out tomorrow and mail them.  The weather today has been horrible.  We had thunder during the day and the rain hasn't let up much.  

He did get up later and watched a bit of TV and played with his computer for a while.  I was a tad disappointed as I planned to wrap presents when he was gone, but glad he felt well enough to get up.  At 11 I watched the newest Grey's Anatomy and started the table runner that my sister commissioned me to make.  The first square is done!  Yes!!!

That's about it really. It was a quiet day, I didn't go out, and I didn't get anything really important done, with the exception of making the stew.  I love the results, but the effort is quite large.  That's why I wanted to make enough for two nights!  Tomorrow I need to wrap presents, run to the mailbox/post office, and maybe get a start on my Christmas cards.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Let's hear a Hurrah! for leftovers. I love them, too. A housewife's best friend. :-)

Helen said...

We usually do the thing where we just buy enough for one night's meal...I just hate that! I was so happy to not have to cook or go out yesterday!