November 22, 2013

Friday - Rainy with some clear patches

A good day.  

I got up a little late this morning. It was so dark out that it felt like it was still night.  I watched Veronica Mars this morning, good as always.  I also  watched Jane Eyre this afternoon.  It was great.  I did some laundry and also prepped for our trip this weekend.  

I had lunch and finished up the stew.  It was so good.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a good one.  

When F came home he was tired.  He'd gone over to his mother's to check on her and then came home.  We went out for dinner to Kintaro Sushi and afterwards F did a little driving.  I suggested going to the internet cafe, which F thought was a good idea.  

We made a quick trip home to pick up my crochet and then drove over to the cafe.  We were able to get chairs tonight and went in.  I watched a couple of movies, one of which was the last bit of the one I'd watched last time, plus Colombiana. I quite enjoyed the Colombiana, although it wasn't a great movie. 

We came home via the grocery store to pick up a few things.  We had a quiet evening just watching TV.  Tomorrow is F's birthday, so we have dinner reservations, then on Sunday we're leaving very early to go to Sendai for the ETJ Expo.  We'll be in Sendai for a night and will return on Monday evening.  I won't be blogging tomorrow or Sunday night unless I use my cell phone and I don't plan to at the moment! With that in mind, I'll wish you all a good night and a good weekend!  Night.

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