November 27, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy, with thunderstorms

An okay day really.

I had a quiet morning around the apartment.  I watched Veronica Mars, showered and then in the afternoon got stuck in with wrapping the presents for my sister's family. I did all but my nephew's birthday presents, so I think I did quite well.  

While I was wrapping I had lunch, watched a bit of TV and a movie as well, J. Edgar.  It was quite good and I was surprised how many people I recognized from the cast.  I'm glad I didn't pay to see it, but I enjoyed it on TV.  

When F came home I was just finishing up my wrapping for the day.  We chatted and relaxed.  After a bit we decided to go out for dinner.  We went to the Chinese restaurant where he takes me for lunch sometimes.  It was okay.  I had a pork-kimchee stone-bowl rice dish.  It was hot in temperature and spiciness.  Yikes.  

After dinner we bought a bit of food for dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to do chicken vegetable soup and then sandwiches.  I hope it's good.  

Had a quiet evening in. I did a little crochet while I watched TV, then prepped the garbage for F to take out in the morning.  He made two loaves of bread.  One was for breakfast, one is for dinner.  

Anyway, that's about all I have to say for now.  It was an okay day, but I'm quite tired already.  I have to go.  Night!

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