November 28, 2013

Thursday - Rainy, snowy

A busy day.

I got up this morning, did my computer stuff early and then got stuck in on my soup making.  It took hours today, I'm not sure why!  I used my slow cooker and got things going in it.  I also steamed two chicken breasts for dinner on the stove.

Around 4 pm, I was done enough to sit down and put my feet up!  They hurt.  And then I made a mistake.  I went on-line and read through one of my groups.  Someone is trying to change something that I have been working on and thought was settled.  It has had me worried for the rest of the day.  

F came home a bit late again, and didn't want to eat right away.  I set the table and asked him to let me know when he was hungry.  It was after 7:30, but it was fine.  

He sliced some bread, I ladled out the soup, and cut the chicken.  We had chicken vegetable soup with chicken sandwiches.  It was lovely!  We used both white and brown bread, and made our own sandwiches so could have them exactly as we like.  

After dinner, F took a long vacation from doing the dishes, but finally did them about 10 minutes before the movie (Lilo and Stitch) we were watching ended.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed the movie.  For some reason I have never seen it before, but it was lovely, funny and a little sad too in places.  

I did a crochet square and made tea during Once Upon a Time.  F and I drank our tea after his bath and relaxed a bit.  He'd had a bad day too and wasn't doing well.  He napped on the couch before going to bed.

That's about it for me.  I hope that my worries will be for naught, but I don't know.  I'm tired and should try to get some sleep if I can.  Tomorrow, no idea what I'll get up to, it's supposed to snow.  Bleck!  Night.

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