November 3, 2013

Sunday - Rainy 

Not a great day.  

I went to bed last night a little after 3 am.  F…around 6 am.  I couldn't believe it when he told me. He was up again around 8 or 9, I'm not sure.  I wasn't!  It was Sunday, my sleeping in day.  

I was up a little after 11 and had some toast.  F made it from his lovely new bread.  It was good.  The problem happened after this.  We didn't do anything.  I got dressed a little before 2 so that we could go out for a late brunch, but F didn't get dressed until closer to 3.  That meant there wasn't anywhere nice to go.  I decided to go to back to bed to wait for him and then he had ramen.  What?

When I got up, he offered to take me for sushi, but what would the point be? I didn't really want sushi.  

More bed time.  We finally went out around 6 pm but the restaurant that I really wanted to go to was full…they had a party going on.  We ended up, after a lot of discussion, going to a new place in the Petit hotel.  It was called Orange Dragon.  It wasn't great. It wasn't terrible either, and some of the dishes were good. I'd like to go again with more people.

After dinner, we came home and had a nice evening together!  It's funny how that works.  F did go to bed quite early tonight though.  

I hope to see a movie tomorrow, but we might not get around to it. It is only playing once a day in English, and it is darn early.  Come back tomorrow for my scintillating day!  Night.  PS…I forgot to say, I finished my Starbella scarf.  I still have to darn in the ends, but I love it.  I just don't know what I'm going to do with it.  Keep it or give it away?  Night-night!

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