November 5, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny…I didn't go out

Happy Guy Fawkes day!

An okay day today.  I got up a bit late today, but had a quiet morning.  I took a shower, read a couple of newspapers and then had some toast and yogurt.  

In the early part of the evening I started prepping for dinner.  I peeled potatoes, topped and tailed some beans, and then F came home.  Fairly soon afterwards I kicked dinner into high gear and I started cooking. Tonight's dinner was boiled potatoes, steamed green beans, sauteed chicken and salad.  It was quite good and got great reviews.  

F did the dishes, but waited a while to do them. I actually was wondering if I should do them because he seemed to be forgetting about them.  He said that he didn't.  

Later on we had some nice cocoa that he bought today in Yamagata and watched some TV.  I did crochet again at 11 while watching the Jean Reno programme.  I just found out that it was in English today!  I thought that it was in French, seeing how he's a French actor and it's set in France.  

Anyway, I wrote a few postcards this evening, and also received a couple so that was fun.  Tomorrow I'll have to go out and mail the cards, I hope I can do a bit more crafting too.  That's it for me.  Night!

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