October 31, 2013

Thursday - Cooler and a little rainy

Happy Halloween!

An okay day.  I woke up late this morning. I had decided not to set my alarms.  I needed the sleep, and the cold medicine made me a little bit groggy.  
I had a good but quiet day around the apartment.

I didn't do a lot around the house, but I took care of myself!  I had some tea, toast and yogurt for breakfast, watched some TV and just enjoyed myself.  Later on I even wrapped my sister's birthday present which I have to send tomorrow.

In the evening, F and I went to his Taiwan restaurant for dinner.  Because he'd had noodles for lunch, he didn't need ramen again for dinner.  We got an assortment of dishes and it was nice.  I wanted soup, so we had egg soup, plus garlic fried rice, bifun…sort of a rice noodle dish, plus sliced fried chicken.  It was quite good.  I liked it more than their "set" dinners, but I'm not sure if F did or not.

We bought a few groceries in our home grocery store and then came home.  We had a mostly quiet evening until someone (not me) decided to noisily look for something.  He didn't find it.  Later I went over to the couch to do a little crochet, but had a few problems at the end.  I decided to leave it for the daylight so I can think about it harder.

Tomorrow I have to finished my Area Report, perhaps send a postcard or two and do some crochet.  The fun never ends!  Got to go.  Night.

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