December 10, 2013

Tuesday - rainy

Day 3 of the War

An okay day.  I got up this morning and checked my email. I had a few that had to be dealt with right away.  After that, I watched Veronica (only a few more episodes left) and had some breakfast. 

I got a bookmooch request during the day, so I prepared it to go in the mail, and wrote up a couple of postcards.  It's less stressful doing a few a day.  I was going to walk to the post office, but although it was raining, it wasn't terrible.  It was very, very windy out there!  

I got to the post office before it closed and sent off my book.  I think the postal clerk thought I was daft because I sent it by sea mail and not the expensive air mail that he thought I should use!  Ha!  

I came home and waited to see how F would be when he came home.  The answer was not good.  He was still angry, but later on we had an argument and got a few things out.  There doesn't seem to be a resolution for now, but he now claims that he doesn't want to eat with me ever again.  He's also blaming me again for not letting him eat fish, which is ludicrous because I have never stopped him from eating fish!  I can't count the number of times that he has changed his order to whatever I'm having!  Which, by the way, is usually chicken. 

He stormed off for a while so I made my dinner.  Tonight it was the pancakes that I had read about in Mark Bittman's newspaper column.  Basically just flour, egg, and a bit of water.  I put some bacon and some cheese in mine and fried them up.  I had them with a little sour cream and a salad.  Yum.   Really nice.  

I was finishing my prep when he came out of the bedroom. He dressed and went to the store.  He came back with some food for himself and made his dinner.

We talked a little bit later on, but it wasn't pleasant really.  He'd ask me something and then take it back, it was annoying really.  He is insisting that we don't eat together anymore.  At the moment, it is fine with me.  The only problem is that with winter coming I don't really have a way to get food here at home.  Anyway, we'll work those details out soon.

The rest of the evening I was subjected to Japanese TV…in other words, torture! He finally went to bed and it was all I could do to not jump up and down in happiness.  

Tomorrow I'm not really sure what I'll get up to.  I might go out if the weather is decent.  I'd love to get my hair cut, it's getting much too long, or I might stay home and work on my column, which I have finally started.  Yay for that! Come back and see what I do!  Night.

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