December 11, 2013

Wednesday - Clear in the afternoon, rainy at night


I had a much better day today.  I got up quite early for me and then watched my show plus had breakfast.  

I had a nice morning, took a shower and even planned to go out, but didn't. Well, actually, I did , but later!  I thought about getting a haircut, but in the end I went to the mall for some food and a cup of tea.  I read a little and even saw one of my ex-students today.  

I came home and relaxed.  When F came home he changed into his pyjamas and went to bed.  I decided to have my dinner, a Subway sandwich.  It was very good.  I enjoyed it a lot.  

A little later, F came out of his room and started talking about a trip he'd suggested for us this month.  For next week!  I told him quite honestly that I didn't think it was a good idea.  We'd spent all this week not talking to each other over nothing…then he wants to jump in a car and drive 6 hours?  Is he crazy? Well, maybe he is…and so am I.  I'm going to go too.  

I made hotel reservations for us in a couple of hotels and then we went out to buy groceries.  Things aren't completely back to normal, I'm not going to cook for "us", just for me.  But, that's okay, because I like what I cook.  I think F's going to live on ramen and weird Japanese food!

Tonight when we came home, things were nicer than they have been for a bit.  I watched Grey's and did a couple of rows of crochet, then I did the garbage for F to take out in the morning.  Normal stuff.  

So, that's about it for me.  I didn't manage to get out of the apartment early enough today to get my hair cut.  If the weather holds I'll go tomorrow.  I hope it does as I'm feeling ever so shaggy!  Talk to you tomorrow then.  Night.  

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