December 12, 2013

Thursday - Drizzle, snow, drizzle & cold wind

An okay day.

I woke up this morning when F came home for a few minutes to find his wallet. I do not understand why or how he can lose it so many times.  

I Veronica'd this morning, had breakfast too.  It was the last episode of Veronica Mars too.  Sigh.  Glad I didn't miss it.  

I spent a bit of time on my computer and then had lunch.  I left the apartment in a bit of a hurry just before three, to try to get to my hairdresser.  She was busy, and asked me to come back at 4, so I toddled off to the mall for a little bit of retail fun.  I bought myself a new hat at the 100 yen shop because I realized I hadn't brought one, and if my hair was much shorter afterwards, I'd need one.  Good call!

I walked back to the salon and got another great haircut.  Today I kept catching her eye while she was cutting my cowlick in the front.  I am doubly blessed…I have 3 cowlicks (whorls) and the one in the front is the bane of my hairdresser's life!  Getting my hair to sit the way she wants it to takes a lot of time, but she manages.  Afterwards, I felt like a million dollars as usual.  I spend a little more money on myself than I have to for my haircuts, but it is so worth it.  I know my hair will be nice for the next 3 or 4 months.  Yay.  

I walked back to the mall and did a little more shopping.  I thought that my husband would call me when he finished work, but he didn't.  I had a sandwich and a tea in Doutors while I read my book.  Finally I decided to just go home.

It was raining and snowing when I got to the doors of the mall, plus it was dark.  Yikes.  I put on my lovely rain cape and my reflective ankle bands, plus my new hat and biked home.  I got there and F was there.

We had a quiet evening, but a decent one.  I cooked my dinner around 8 pm.  I had some sauteed chicken, mashed potatoes (from scratch!) and salad.  Very nice.  I don't think F had much to eat.  When I came home first, he didn't really feel hungry he said.  I did my dishes and then spent a while on my computer.  I watched a couple of shows that I would miss next week because of us being away, and then during Once Upon a Time, I did some crochet.  It went quite well and I got three more rows done.  

I have been working on my column, and I reviewed another movie, but I'm going to have to step on the gas soon.  I have to get it in by Sunday, and because we're going away next week, I can't really ask for an extension.  Sigh.  

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend and then we have to cancel something that we planned.  Neither of us is really keen on having to do it, but we have to.  After that, I'll probably come home and write the rest of my column.

That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night!


Lily said...

Oh man, I hope this is the end of this rough patch for you. Between the group and your man you have had your hands and head full. Here is hoping you have a lovely, no stress, no confrontations weekend.

Helen said...

Thanks Lily!

I hope that too :-)

Thanks for visiting.