December 19, 2013

Thursday - Rainy

I'm back.  

Parts of the trip were great, too many parts were horrid.  I'm blaming the hotel for part of that, although I'm sure I share some of the blame with my husband too.

The trip down there and most of Tuesday were great.  We got into town earlier than expected.  We checked in and were told that the room we reserved at the Hotel Nikko in Kanazawa had a "semi-double" mattress, but we could upgrade it for a few extra yen each.  Yep, bait and switch.  We fell for it…but I'll be commenting about it on as many travel advisory sites as I can.  Since when does a "superior double room" have a semi-double bed in it??

The room we ended up with was nice, but the hall light worked on a motion sensor.  At night, every time F moved his feet, the light went on in the hallway.  He moves his feet a lot.  I don't sleep well in light rooms, PLUS the bed shook every time he fidgeted.  And he fidgeted a lot that night.  I ended up grabbing my pillow and sleeping on the floor for 3 hours until I got too cold and went back to bed.  Himself says that he didn't sleep, but I say if you are snoring, you are asleep.  

Last night we stayed in Niigata, got in hours later than I thought we would, so it was a good thing I hadn't made plans with my friends in town.   Slept VERY well in our much cheaper room since I was so tired.  That bed didn't move and there were no flashing lights, thank goodness.  

Today we got up and had the yucky free breakfast…nothing like rice with a side of macaroni salad and bread for breakfast…carb city…checked out and did a little shopping.  I bought postcards, and got some food for us from Kaldi's.  I also bought some yarn…recycled t-shirt yarn that I am eager to try out.  

We came home on the highways which was nice. They are much faster than the old days.  When the highway is finished I'll be happy.  

Got home and found a bunch of mail, which I haven't even opened yet!  Oops!  F and I went to the post office to pick up a box from my sister, then headed to the internet cafe for a few hours.  I said I needed to be home before 11, so we went for about 4 hours, which was about 3 too many in my opinion!  

I watched most of Alexander and had dinner…a chicken cutlet with rice and miso soup. It was okay, but not sure I'll have it again.  

After 10 we left and went to the grocery store.  I was telling F that I needed some food in the house for tomorrow night, but he didn't seem to twig on why.  

It wasn't until I asked him to remind me where his work party is that he remembered he isn't coming home tomorrow night.  Doh!  Dude's got a nice overnight work party and gets to stay in a spiffy hotel.  

I got some food at the store and then we came home.  I read email and watched Once Upon a Time.  I read more email, answered some and then wrote a message on Facebook.  

Anyway, that's it for me.  I know this is brief, but I talked about the most important stuff.  Talk to you all later.  Gotta go. Night.

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