December 2, 2013

Monday - Clear with rain at night

What a day.

F had asked me to go to bed early last night and I did.  Early for me that is!  However, I couldn't sleep.  I'd had a drink at the movies, then a tea from a vending machine and I could not sleep.  It was awful.  F was snoring, the bread machine was making its noise any time I even thought I might be getting sleepy.  I was a mess.  I finally drifted off around 5:30 am, and then woke up when F got up around 7 am.  Not a lot of sleep then.  After he left I couldn't sleep either, so I just got up.  

I sat and stared at my computer in disbelief for a lot of the morning and then decided to get on with my life.  I did 4 loads of laundry, and took an hour nap on the couch.  It wasn't long enough, but it helped me feel more human.  I wasn't hungry either.  I didn't eat or drink all afternoon.  

When F came home we decided to go out for dinner.  He suggested yakitori, then another type of restaurant. Both places were closed, so we ended up at a little place near the Yamagata Bank. It was quite nice.  They only serve meat though, there weren't any veggies which was a shame.

We came home via the grocery store. I want to make chicken fajitas tomorrow, but the store didn't have the right cut of chicken, so I'll have to go back tomorrow and hope they have it.  I'll try serving it with a taco salad on the side, but I'll have to find taco chips somewhere.  The grocery store didn't have any! Not even Doritos.  

We came home and F set up the bread maker for tomorrow and then watched some boxing. After a while I watched Elementary, Scandal and then Shameless. 

That's about it for today.  I am feeling tired, but not the same way as I did last night.  I hope that I am able to sleep properly tonight.  Tomorrow, I must get on with my Christmas cards and I'm having lunch with a friend.  Yay for that!  Night.

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