December 21, 2013

Saturday - clear with rain at night

An okay day.

F came home quite early this morning, but I stayed in bed!  I got up a bit later and took a shower.  We chatted, and then went out for lunch to Grado.

Grado was okay today.  I had roast duck, but it was only good, not great.  F had fish acqua-pazza but he didn't like it too much.  

After lunch we went to S-Mall. I wanted to get something for my craftwork, then I bought F a cup of tea at Doutors.  We had houjicha lattes and they were nice.  We were sitting next to a lady with four children and I was worried at first, but they were really well behaved!  I was impressed, and I'm not usually impressed by Japanese children's behaviour.

We came home for a while. I had a bad headache but managed to write a few of my nengajo.  I also did a few things on my computer too.  

I suggested dinner around 7 pm and so we went out to Coco Ichibanya Curry.  I had curry with pork cutlet and cheese, F had curry with chicken stew.  It was quite good I thought.  After our dinner we bought kerosene and came home.  

At home, F made some bread (Royal Milk Tea-yum!) and I made tea.  I printed some nengajo for him. He does it a different way than I do, I print different patterns for specific people, he wants one pattern for everyone. He hasn't written them yet.

He went to bed a bit after midnight. He's not doing that well sadly.  The weather is still playing havoc with his back.  He's so grumpy all the time and it makes it hard to be around him.  

I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow.  I think we might work on nengajo.  I know F has to take his mother shopping, but I'm not sure when he'll do that.  Come back tomorrow and see what happens.  Night!

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