December 22, 2013

Sunday - Rainy with a bit of snow

A quiet day.

I slept in until 11 this morning then got up and stayed up.  I ate some of F's toast and watched a bit of TV.  

In the afternoon, F went back to bed for a long nap and I stayed up.  I worked on my nengajo, surfed the net and read a little of my book.  It was nice.

After a while, F got up and we relaxed for a bit.  We went out for dinner to F's favourite fish restaurant.  It was nice tonight, but a bit busy.  I had gindara, F had tuna and we shared an order of vegetable tempura.  

We went to a convenience store to get some more blank nengajo and then came home.  At home I realized that we needed milk, so F volunteered to go and get it.  Yay.  

We spent a fairly quiet evening together.  I printed and wrote nengajo, F did his usual stuff.  

No idea what we'll get up to tomorrow.  It's a national holiday, but I know F is supposed to go and visit his mother.  I'm not sure if we'll do something fun or not.  I have a lot more cards to write!  Wish me luck with them.  Night. 

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