December 24, 2013

Tuesday - Snowy on and off

An okay day.

I got up this morning for the first time when F came home looking for his cellphone.  Sigh. Yes, once again, he'd misplaced it.  I even phoned it for him, but we couldn't find it.  He went back to work.

I had a good morning.  I watched a bit of TV, did some computer stuff and then took a nap.  I got up, watched something on telly, and F came home for visit number two to find his cellphone.  This time he had me phone it while he was in the car. Nothing.  

After my noon show, I showered and then got stuck in getting my mail ready to go out.  I scanned my postcards, stamped them, weighed my parcels for Bookmooch and decided how to send them, and then got dressed to go out.  

The snow that had been on the ground earlier was gone, so I got on my bike and rode to the post office.  I got everything done quite easily, handed in my nengajo too, sent off the packages, and came home again.  Only, now there was driving snow and about an inch of the stuff on the ground.  Bleck.  It was hard trying to keep my eyes open while the snow, little tiny balls of ice, went in my eyes.  I walked the last two hundred or so meters to my apartment!

F came home around 5:30.  There wasn't much on TV after Phineas and Ferb finished, so I turned off the TV.  He wanted to watch it, so I went to the bedroom and tried to nap.  It was too cold in there, so I couldn't do it.  

I got up and we talked about going for dinner.  We decided to go to Cocos.  We did and had an okay dinner.  We shared a Christmas Mud Pie which I am happy to report did NOT have banana in it.  It had vanilla and strawberry ice cream, plus strawberries and sauce on a fried tortilla.  I'm glad we shared one as a full one each would have been too much.

After dinner, we went over the street to Pal and first visited the drugstore, then did our Christmas shopping.  We spent a lot, but got all of the things that I needed for our dinner.  

We came home and had a bit of a veggie evening.  I watched TV and F napped on the couch.  He found his energy and woke up.  Now he's off taking his bath.  

Tomorrow is our Christmas.  F has to work and then he'll pick up the chicken after work.  I have to try and get everything ready, which kind of worries me a little!  I only have two burners and a combo microwave/oven.  Très difficile!

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about my day.  Or, spend Christmas with your family like you should!  Night!

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