December 25, 2013

Wednesday - clear and cool

Merry Christmas everyone!

An okay day today.

I got up this morning and took my bread out of the maker, but I let F do the actual taking of out of the pan.  I went back to sleep while he had breakfast and got himself off to sleep.

After I got up, I had some breakfast and did a few things around the apartment.  F called me to ask me out for lunch. I accepted, but sort of wish I hadn't.  

I got dressed and went out for lunch.  We went to the Chinese restaurant he likes so I had yakisoba for a change.  Meh.

After lunch F dropped me off at home and I planned to start work in the kitchen.  Instead, I took a nap on the couch.  I was so tired.  I think it was lunch!

When I was able to wake up, I got up and started to prepare for dinner.  I started with the salad and washed and prepped all the veggies.  The later it got, the more I had to do.  I started the potatoes about the time that F said he was going to come home soon.  

When F arrived, he had the chicken with him, but he started to clean up the living room a bit.  That was all well and good, but I hoped for help with other things!  I didn't get it.  When I asked him a simple question about having a table cloth on the table he got mad at me and went to bed.  Rather than getting upset today, I just kept working.  I had decided that even if he didn't want to eat, I did.

It took a bit of juggling, but I made the dressing for the salad, set the table (with cloth) and prepared the mashed potatoes, gravy and yorkshire pudding.  When there was 5 minutes left on the pudding, I went in and told F that dinner would be ready soon and he was welcome to join.  

We had a lovely dinner.  I drank Peartizer which is just different enough to be special, but F switched to wine and beer.  We even had a bit of Christmas Pudding afterwards.  Yum.

F did the dishes, a very valiant proposition as I had used a lot in my cooking.  Then, he went to bed.  I watched Men in Black 3, then followed it up with some regular TV.  I worked on my shrug and got one side sewn up.  Yay.  Nearly done.  Yay me.

F got up again around 1:50 and put on his PJs and did a few things in the living room & kitchen.  He's back in bed now.  I will be heading there soon.

So, what did I get for Christmas?  From my friend I got some clothes, from my sister's family some mitts and a light. I also got a magic trackpad for my computer.  Woot.  I still have a few things to arrive I think.  

That's it for me.  It was a good day, but I'm a little glad that it's over!  Talk to you all tomorrow night. Merry Christmas eh! 


Rosa said...

Merry Christmas, Helen! Did you ever think you'd celebrate x-mas with fried chicken? (Was it KFC, as tradition calls for? ;)

Helen said...

Err, not fried chicken! We got a roasted chicken from a butcher.

I have never done the fried chicken route! I might have, but for years we didn't have a KFC in my city. Now that we do, I rarely eat fast food.

And thanks for the wishes :-)