December 5, 2013

Thursday - rainy

An okay day.  

I woke up this morning when F called me.  He'd found a couple of Christmas presents to my sister's family that must have fallen out of the bag on the floor of his car!  Yikes.  We thought we'd sent everything.  He asked me to package them up and he'd send them later in the day.

I did put them in an envelope and got them ready for him to take out again.  

I had a quiet morning apart from that.  I wrote a couple more Postcrossing cards, and later on scanned them and a bunch of the incoming ones I have.  I uploaded them, did what I could and then I didn't even take them to the post office.  It was raining really hard today, and it gets dark so early.  

F was late home today and in a strange mood when he arrived.  I had just washed dishes and had sat down for a bit when he came in.  He barely talked to me, turned on the TV to figure skating and then ignored me.  

I got dinner started and had it ready fairly quickly.  For a change he wasn't too difficult to get to the table.  It was really nice too.  We had pasta with our own preferred sauce, a rolled chicken and vegetables thing to share, plus salad.  It was good.  

F did the dishes and watched more sports.  Things went fairly well until 11 when I reminded him that I wanted to watch something at 11:15.  For some reason, F doesn't know how to use the short cuts on the remote control, so I was trying to tell him what to do. He yelled at me for speaking to him while he was trying to read.  A few minutes later I told him that I thought he was really rude for telling me not to talk.  I would of course, have changed the TV for myself if I hadn't have been peeling a couple of pears for us, and trying to make tea.  He stormed off to the bedroom, then the bath while I watched my show.  And it was good!  Much better without him around to make noise in the last 10 minutes!

I got some crochet done too during the show.  Yay, first time in ages.  I'm so glad.  

The rest of the evening I was ignored and I watched the end of a movie and turned off the TV.  Oh dear.  Don't much care!

Tomorrow if the weather clears up I'll go out.  I have to get out soon and run some errands.  I have to!  If it doesn't, I may have to go out anyway! Wish me luck.  Night.

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