December 7, 2013

Saturday - Rainy, snowy, clearing later on

A good day.  I got up fairly early and F came home soon after that.  After a little I got dressed and we went out for lunch.  Today it was the turn of Pacific Airy Heights.  We both had the same thing, herb grilled chicken and it was good.

We did some shopping and errand running after lunch, got a lot done.  Yay us.  We ordered our chicken for Christmas, bought some cheese, got some cash, and then came home.  We vegged for a while and then went over to Mikawa.

In the mall, F immediately went to have ramen(!) while I went to look at yarn in Aeon!  I spent a few happy minutes walking through the aisles and then  buying yarn.  I got enough for a couple of projects, a lap afghan and a scarf, or a hat to match my new coat.  

F came and met me and we went for me to have dinner.  I went to the pasta restaurant and F came too. He had a small pizza and I had pasta.  It was good, and came much faster than the last time I was there.  

F and I went up to the theater and bought our tickets, then I waited in the popcorn line while he ran our stuff to the car.  Then, we went in to see 47 Ronin.  I had a rough idea of the story, so I kind of knew what was going on, but it had been changed a bit.  It was fun, until the end.  Hiroyuki Sanada was great as always, and Rinko Kikuchi was creepy, and Keanu was Keanu.  I know it wasn't the original version of the story, but it was entertaining.  

After the movie we just came home.  F has requested that we go to the restaurant at the port in Sakata tomorrow for lunch.  I hate that place.  It's loud, busy, confusing and I have never had an actual meal there.  F and I usually end up fighting because he keeps "suggesting" foods for me that I hate.  This may not end well.  

I want to grab my yarn and start one of my projects, but right now, I just don't have time.  I hope that if we go all the way to Sakata for lunch, we do something else while we're there.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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