December 8, 2013

Sunday - Rainy

Oh boy…

So, yesterday I was rather fearful of going to that restaurant in Sakata, remember?  It was with good reason.  Sigh.  

We stayed up late last night, F got up fairly early, I didn't really, but I was up and dressed before 12:30.  I sat at my computer and used it while F decided what to do with himself.  He had made bread so he gave us some. It wasn't bad, it was raisin and cinnamon I think.  

We went out late to Sakata and got there around 3 pm.  We both thought it was closed, but sadly it wasn't.  We went in.  It wasn't busy so we ordered and while we were waiting for our meals to come, I offered to buy him a drink from the vending machine.  At that time, the staff started yelling at us.  I had no idea what they were saying of course, but F said rather rudely that if I went to the desk they'd give me a coin to have the drink at a discount.  It made no difference to me.  F decided he wouldn't drink anything and there wasn't anything I wanted anyway, so I got some water for myself, after asking him if he wanted some.  I sat down and started to eat my meal which had now arrived.  

All of a sudden F started reaming me out, telling me over and over again how stupid I was for not saving 50 yen…I got tired of it and told him I was really sick and tired of him treating me like I was a child.  I told him to stop telling me off.  And those were the last words we spoke to each other today.  

As soon as he finished eating, he left.  He went downstairs and then went and hid somewhere.  I finished, went to the car, but he wasn't there, so I walked back to the building, just as he walked out.  He went to the car, started it up.  He did let me in, but the whole way back to Tsuruoka we didn't say anything to each other.  We arrived at our apartment, he drove me to the door, I got out and he drove off. 

That was it for a few hours. He came home after a while.  He didn't talk to me at all.  He made ramen for his dinner, went to bed.  After he did, I made my dinner, washed up afterwards.  I've had a lovely evening by myself.  I actually mean that!

I've thought about why I don't like that restaurant.  It reminds me of a barn.  It's noisy and the tables are long and remind me of troughs.  Yes, the fish is good and fresh, but that's it.  So what.  I wouldn't swap it for one of the restaurants that I like going to.  F has named a few restaurants as ones that he won't go to again, that's how I feel about that place.  

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I might go out if the weather is okay, if not, I'll probably stay home for a bit.  Wish me luck!  Night.


gaijinwife said...

Thats shite. That F got so worked up over something as petty as saving 50 yen. Especially when you didn't know about the deal to begin with. Gaahhhh, men. Tell him a lot more money will be wasted if he refuses to ever eat with you again. A lot cheaper cooking for two than two people cooking for themselves individually. Good luck :)

Helen said...


I looooovvvveeee people yelling at me too, especially when I thought I was doing a nice thing. That'll teach me!