December 9, 2013

Monday - Sunny and warm

Day 2 of the War

I got up this morning and made the bed.  I watched Veronica and afterwards I took a shower.

I wrote up a couple of postcards, scanned them, and took them, and 4 books that had been mooched from me to the post office. First up, I went to the bank and got my bank book updated, then the post office near the bank.  The woman took ages to do everything, but I had checked prices, etc on the internet before I came, so I knew exactly how much everything would cost.  

I came home a different way so I could enjoy the sunshine.  It was so lovely to be out and not have it raining for a change.  I stopped at a convenience store to get a few things for my late lunch and then came home.

I relaxed for a while, but when F came home he wouldn't talk to me at all and went to bed.  I tried going in to talk to him, but he was being his usual mulish self. It was annoying.  I left as I wasn't getting anywhere except angry.

Later he got up and gave me some money for dinner because he "couldn't eat with me anymore". Gee thanks.  

I waited for a while in case he'd eat or decide to go out, but nothing happened.  I went to the grocery store and picked up some food for myself and came home.  

He's still up, now making bread.  That's annoying since it is supposed to be my bread maker, but I never use it.  I never have the chance.  I just hope he's not taking the bread to work with him.  

I ate my dinner and it was quite good.  I had katsudon from the store.  

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll get myself up to.  I may go out in the afternoon and try for a haircut, or I may stay home and work on my column.  I haven't decided yet.  Will I be talked to tomorrow?  Hmm, doubtful.  Got to go.  Night!

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