November 30, 2013

Saturday - Rainy with thunder

A quiet day.

I got up late this morning because we both went to bed very late last night.  This morning I took a shower after I got up and then F fed me some of the bread he made!  We finished up the soup from yesterday and it was great.  Too bad it's gone now.

After lunch, F went to bed and fell asleep.  After a little bit, I went in and slept too.  I got up around 5 and F slept on for a bit.  When he got up, we went out for dinner.  It was just Gusto, but it was okay for a change.  F had oysters so he was happy.

We went to the internet cafe to use their massaging chairs.  We were able to get them, but there was a problem.  The internet part wasn't working.  I didn't care much, I had planned to do some reading anyway.  They did have D-Life again, the channel with lots of shows in English, so I watched a bit of that and read my magazine.  

When it was almost time to go, I took off my headphones.  There was a huge crash of thunder and it sounded right above my head.  Yikes.  Then, the rain started.  I went to F's cubicle…he was asleep and snoring.  He wasn't that loud, but it was funny.  I woke him up so that he could decide if he wanted to go or not.  We gathered our things, paid, and left.  
We went to a convenience store for F to get something and I got chocolate too.  Then we came home and relaxed for a bit.  F kept saying he'd be going to bed soon and didn't!  He didn't go to bed until after 2.  Me?  I'm still up, but will go to bed soon!

That's it for me for now.  Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll get up to.  Come back and find out!  Night!

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